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Alvin Lungu is a self-taught artist who mostly paints, but also draws and makes sculptures. He has been drawing since as far back as when he was in grade 5. In 2011, while in grade 8, his grandfather saw his works and taught him how to mix colours. With this new knowledge he practiced, checked online, read Andrew Mulenga’s ‘Hole in The Wall’ articles and researched Zambian artists online. Throughout school he kept practising and visited the Art Academy Without Walls in Lusaka’s showgrounds. He started implementing what he learnt to improve his work. He then decided, in 2012, to become a full time visual artist. In his work he researches and paints people’s emotions, visible in their faces. Life itself, people’s diversity and works as well as different places are the inspiration for Alvin’s work.

Competitions and exhibitions:
NASAAZ competition (2012, 2013, 2014) during high school career.
2015 National Exhibition at Henry Tayali Gallery
2017 Independence Exhibition at Henry Tayali Gallery
2017 Evelyn Hone College Exhibition at the Lusaka National Museum

Contact Details

Public Studio/Gallery : Art Academy Without Walls
Phone : +260 0975776289
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