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Chifuchi Kandala was born in 1986 in Lusaka, Zambia. His grandfather was a sculptor in his home village and he picked up sculpting from him. He was always collecting things as a child and constructing artistic installations from them. He took art at school at Matero Boys Pre-Olympia High School, because he knew he could do it. He took part in art competitions in school. After high school he learnt soapstone sculpting from a friend, and the two would sculpt together at home. They would sell the sculptures in town. After meeting some other artists, he was told he could sell them for a lot more, and was invited to visit Rockstone Studios, where he met Baba Jake. Here he started learning how to work in marble. He later met Zenzele Chulu, who inspired him to draw. He later started producing sculptures from his drawings. He joined the Zambia National Visual Arts Council in 2009, through which he began to meet many other artists. He currently works at a studio in Kalundu, Lusaka.

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