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eMDee was born in 1972 in the Netherlands. He has been working in living in Lusaka, Zambia since 2011, after having first moved to Africa in 2007. He only established himself as an artist in 2016 in Lusaka, but the interest for art has always been present, with art and art history being his favourite subject in high school. He is completely self-taught but observes and interacts with other artists in Zambia, like David Makala, and learns from them. After experimenting with painting and charcoal drawing, he has focussed on print-making, mostly combining different lino and wood cuts into one work. With his most recent works he tries to address the over-romanticised image westerners may have of Africa, leaning on his own European background and his observations in 10 years living in Africa. Reptiles like lizards and geckos often appear in his works, showing his passion for African reptilian wildlife.

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