Eva Middleton


Eva Middleton, nee Loades, was born in 1951 in Zimbabwe. She qualified as a registered nurse and midwife before marrying Kalomo farmer, Tony, in 1975. She first started painting in the 90’s when artist and teacher Elaine Danckwerts started Kalcho Art Group.

She quickly became passionate about the happy accidents of watercolour and firmly believes that anybody at any age can learn to paint really well if they would like to. Farm life, wildlife and a growing family (including artist Tamryn Pohl) provide diverse and willing subjects. She has won a number of art prizes, competitions and awards and her work is recognized for the delicacy and simplicity of traditional, transparent watercolour.

She exhibits widely and for many charities and has also had work shown at Mall Galleries in London. She is currently working towards publishing a book, which she hopes will help anyone enjoy painting with watercolours. Her work can always be found at Choma Museum.

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