Isaac Kalambata

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Isaac Kalambata is a Zambian artist whose focus of his work addresses the distortion, misrepresentation of Africa’s past, traditions and projecting¬† possible futures of the continents science, myth and traditions in a functional society. His creation go beyond the African challenges of poverty, political, economic challenges and looks at the possibilities of what can be achieved by Africans for Africa at the same time highlighting the rich diversity and beauty of the African people.

Working with different mediums and acrylic paints, Isaac paints for hours at night to early morning. His creative process is anchored in subject matter, ideas and experiments with his paintings regardless of mediums used. He draws his inspiration from people he meets on a day to day basis, people in history, in literature personal interactions, children at play nature and life. He believes that only by understanding our past and origins can we preserve and build a future that belongs to us.

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