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Lemmy Kaseba, a teacher of Art and English, was born in 1975 in Chongwe District of Zambia. He trained as a Primary School teacher at David Livingstone College of Education from 1997 to 1998 and got his Art Teachers’ Diploma with a major in Sculpture from Evelyn Hone College in 2009. His artistic streaks were noticed long before he knew he was a born artist. His quest for art ruled most of his life as a child; if he was not drawing he was modeling with clay or assembling something. He played and lived art, but never gave it a thought until he was about 25 years old. Kaseba is an all-round Artist though he paints more than sculpting or assembling. His painting is peripatetic. He doesn’t follow any rules, theme or movement, though he likes the post-impressionist painters, especially Vincent Van Gogh. He gets inspired by clouds, the way they change form freely anytime. He feels art must flow freely just like the clouds and is best coming from the artist’s point of view. His paintings are bold and aim to make one feel part of the painting. Kaseba, who is currently the Chairperson of the Southern Province Branch of the Visual Arts Council, says he loves art and will die painting!

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