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Nsofwa Bowa was born in Ndola in 1975. He believes he was born with art and it is in his blood. He was lucky enough to be able to study art in high school. He went on to do a diploma in metallurgy at Copperbelt University and later attended training workshops in drawing, painting, photography and film-making in conjunction with the Norwegian National Academy of Arts in Oslo, Norway from 2000 to 2004. He attended the Insaka International Artists Workshop in Siavonga in 2003 and a ceramics workshop in Changsha, China in 2015. To Bowa, art is about composition and how it fills up a space to bring about inspiration. It is about expressing oneself in whatever form, technique or material. He is motivated by the desire to invent, produce and create art which is useful to the world and his country. He is inspired by the human spirit in relation to the human body anatomy and the simple gestures in human relationships. He has a preference for large-scale realistic sculptures, although he also does drawing, painting, illustrations, computer graphics and mixed-media. He is a free-style artist, not confined to one material, however, he mainly uses metal and cement. Most of his works are done in concrete reinforced with steel bars suitable for public display. However, he has worked in marble, wood, fiberglass and metal. The knowledge of metallurgy has enabled him to manipulate metal for his metal sculptures. In a career spanning over 15 years he has exhibited extensively in major exhibitions in Livingstone, Lusaka and the Copperbelt. He has also received a number of major commissions:
• Four realistic sculptures depicting Zambian past history in Lusaka (2001)
• Two larger than life statues of the Scottish explorer, David Livingstone for the Livingstone Museum and the Victoria Falls, both in Livingstone (2005)
• Ethnographic sculptures of people in a pre-colonial village set-up for the Lusaka National Museum (2006)
• Three larger than life statues of David Livingstone and his two friends, Suse and Chuma, for Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone (2008)
• Statue of the late Zambian president, Mr Michael Sata (2014).
Awards: Aquila Simpasa Award for best upcoming artist (2001), Mukuba Award for Recognition (2003), nominated for Ngoma Awards in best 3-Dimension category.

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