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Othiniel Lingwabo was born in 1990 in Lusaka, Zambia. He attended Arakan High School in Lusaka. He took up art as a professional career in 2007, when he joined Roots of Expression (ROX) art studio in Lusaka. He realized what art meant for him and decided to start practicing art commercially and internationally. He left Roots of Expression in 2008 to go to Kabwe, where he got more practice of metal on board. There he established Kwenji Art Studio. In 2013 he relocated back to Lusaka because art sales were slow in Kabwe and it was difficult to survive on art.
He has participated in over 13 group exhibitions and a solo exhibition in 2012 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka.
Othiniel works in stone and mixed media, specifically exploring a new idea of metal and boards. He draws inspiration from the many unheard voices from the public that feel they do not have the privilege to be heard by public officials of a particular society. Many of his works are public works – the kind of work that he feels should be hung or displayed in a public space, so that the voices can be seen visually.
“My involvement in art goes beyond monetary gains but is a way of putting myself into each and every artwork that I do” says Othiniel. “My art also provides verse to creativity and it displays all the potential that I have. I enjoy working with human figures because it’s a way of appreciating the beauty that God has bestowed on us.”
Othiniel currently operates from Roots of Expression in Libala South, off Kasama Road.

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