Peggie Kawanga Ngoi-Omar

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Peggie Kawanga Ngoi-Omar is a retired English Teacher and part-time cross-stitch artist. Born in 1962 in Mwense, Zambia, she has a BA Ed (English Major) from University of Zambia.

She has taught English at various levels for nearly three decades in Zambia, South Africa, Singapore and China, and is now based in Livingstone, Zambia. Peggie learnt the basics of cross-stitch about 40 years ago but only took it up seriously a few years ago.

She does intricate work on various themes. Her favourites are animals, nature, religious and floral themes. Each work takes three to five months to complete, every stitch being hand done.

Peggie will take commissions to do portraits in cross-stitch and is also keen to teach this ancient skill to others. If interested in learning, get in touch with her.

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