Suse Kasokota


Suse Kasokota was born in Nchelenge, Zambia in 1979 but grew up in Livingstone where he completed his secondary education. Like many young Zambian artists he is self-taught but owes much of his apprenticeship experience to art workshops, particularly the Insakartists workshops of 2007 and 2008. Kasokota has already exhibited with others in Livingstone and Lusaka, South Africa, and in a Russian mobile exhibition.

He has also held solo exhibitions in Lusaka. His preferred medium is acrylic on canvas or hessian, but he experiments with different mediums to produce a surreal mix of subject and colour in painting and sculpture.

Trademarking his work are the bright ‘cords’ that form varying foregrounds and backgrounds. Symbolic of promoting peaceful co-existence they have an unnerving complexity about them which is difficult to express in words.

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